About Staby

Patented & award winning training equipment

About StabyUsing the Staby is as simple as holding the Staby in the middle of the handle with either one or two hands. Once positioned, slowly but consistently using your muscles to begin the vibrational effect of the Staby to begin, you have begun your low impact, yet highly effective workout.

In so doing, the vibrational effect of the Staby begins its work on your muscular and neuromuscular systems. Maintain a regulated and rhythmic movement with the Staby and let the amazing fitness tool do the work for you.

Movement after movement, exercise after exercise, through the continuous use of the Staby the real progress can begin. Because of its low impact, high results design, the Staby is the perfect tool for training large muscles as well as the stabilizers. With each passing moment of constant vibrational resistance, you are forcing your body to adjust to the newest stimuli thereby forcing your body to strengthen and improve.

Staby, the Flexible Fitness Tool

From the outset of the design of the Staby and its varied sizes and positionings, flexibility has always been the key. To develop a tool that the most seasoned athlete could use right alongside a fitness beginner was paramount to its design goals. From the physical design of the Staby a series of exercises and programs were developed to help the user get the most of of their Staby fitness experience.

In being able to move the weights up and down on the Staby, Andrea Burkhardt, the creator of the Staby, has developed a unique added stressor to her fitness tool. This added dimension of the Staby makes it a very flexible tool for anyone to use and derive benefits from. Andrea quickly realized how important the ability to move the weights on the Staby was, so she patened that process making Staby completely unique in the fitness marketplace. Truly a one of a kind in an otherwise crowded space of fitness tools.

Production with high-tech-components:

The training device consists of an ultra-modern glass fiber composite material. The materials were originally developed for applications in the aerospace industry and then modified earlier this decade by us for use in sports, therapy and recreation.

Flexibility without the use of harmful substances!

MaterialsIn developing the Staby was not only the flexible operating principle in focus but always also the use of safe materials – free of pollutants and especially plasticizers (phthalates), latex and triclosan. As this combination of flexibility and free of harmful substances is reaches For, is one of the best kept secrets in the German production of Staby and also one reason that Staby not smell or rub off in his hand.