Inventions for eternity – Fitness-Hall of Fame (FIBO 2011)

The power that comes from the center!  Initially the fitness industry only knew Dumbbells and weights then the STABY captured the scene and brought muscles into oscillation. Get STABY under vibration, and it trains the motor control of the sensorimotor musculature. It challenges stability and the ability of the body to activate the muscles needed to improve stability. At the same time, it improves coordination, balance and strengthens the intrinsic musculature of the core and distal joints. Meanwhile the Staby® is one of the most successful fitness inventions on the market. It competes with all of the other equipment promoting stabilization in therapeutic, sports and the fitness area. The special feature is that everyone, from the disabled to the elite athlete, from children to Senior, all can train with the Staby®.

Quite quite simply and to the point: It isn’t the man that moves the rod, but the Staby® that moves the Man.

Award 2016 Institute Sport Science University of Würzburg

Institute Sport ScienceThe Division of Sport-Science- at The University of Würzburg has developed  The Quality Seal of Approval as an aid for Consumers to recognize best products. This  decision process is made independently without any influence of industry or commercial representation.

With the STABY professional you are purchasing a uniquely designed  that has been selected, tested and recognized by The Sport Science University of Würzburg as a quality product designed for all ages and demographics. Versatile enough for use in  Sports Conditioning , Fitness, Wellness and Rehabilitation