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Are you a trainer or facility owner looking for something new and exciting to add to your business? Look no further, join the hundreds of thousands who are already benefiting from the Staby and its vibrational training. Sign up now and become one the leaders in fitness by being a Staby Certified Instructor.

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Staby Therapeutics

Are you a therapist looking for a low impact fitness tool to use in your practice? Learn how you can integrate the Staby into your practice and how it can help your patients push through their intrinsic weaknesses or overcome their injuries and return them to healthy movement.

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Continuing Education

Already a Staby Certified Fitness Instructor, great! Now you can enroll in our robust online continuing education series. Develop a deeper and better understanding of the science and effects of Vibrational Training. Learn the latest in new moves and techniques from the best Staby Trainers in the world.

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